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02/07/2016       Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh  "Secrets behind being Used of God"
02/21/2016       Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh   "The Consequences of Yielding to
02/28/2016       Bro. Bode Olarewaju         "Consecration"
03/06/2016       Rev. Daniel  Akpanumoh   "Let's Return to Bethel"
03/20/2016       Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh    "Forgiveness"
03/27/2016       Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh    "The Significance of Easter"
04/03/2016       Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh    "The Unfulfilled Prophecy"
04/10/2016       Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh     "What a Faithful Service Entails"
04/17/2016      Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh       "Identifying The Devil and His Tactics"
05/22/2016      Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh,       "Escaping The Danger of Hell"
05/29/2016      Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh        "How to Face Challenges in Life"
06/12/2016      Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh         "Are You a Christian?"
06/19/2016      Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh         "God's Word on Marriage and Family"
06/26/2015      Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh         "What's Required to Get to Heaven"
07/17/2016      Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh         "Baptism of the Holy Ghost"
07/24/2016      Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh         "Walking with God"