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02/19/2017       Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh  "The Power of a Prevailing Prayer II"
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03/17/2017       Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh   "Christian Forgiveness"
04/02/2017       Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh   "What is Holiness?"
04/09/2017       Rev. Daniel  Akpanumoh   "Atonement"
04/30/2017       Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh    "The New Heaven and New Earth"
05/21/2017       Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh    "Contrast Btw Holiness & Worldliness"
05/28/2017       Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh    "Christian's Offensive Armour "
06/04/2017       Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh     "The Fear of God"
06/19/2017      Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh       "Biblical Definition of Marriage"
07/02/2017      Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh,       "A Closer Walk with God"
07/16/2017      Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh        "The Healing & Saving Powers of God"
07/23/2017      Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh        "The Tongue"
08/06/2017      Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh        "Waiting on The Lord"
08/13/2017      Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh         "The Signs of His Coming"
09/03/2017      Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh         "God, Our Refuge in Time of Storm"
09/17/2017      Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh         "The Danger of Hell"