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07/31/2016       Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh  "The Great Tribulation"
08/21/2016       Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh   "The Bride of Christ, Part I
08/28/2016       Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh   "The Bride of Christ, Part II"
09/11/2016       Rev. Daniel  Akpanumoh   "Preparing for Christ's Second Coming"
09/18/2016       Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh    "The Deadly Works of Sin"
10/02/2016       Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh    "Why Do Christians Suffer?"
10/16/2016       Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh    "Backsliding and Its Consequences "
10/23/2016       Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh     "Prevailing Prayer"
11/13/2016      Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh       "How to Handle Challenges of Life"
11/20/2016      Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh,       "Are you Religious or Christianly?"
12/25/2016      Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh        "The Significance of Christmas"
01/01/2017      Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh        "Where Do You Stand?"
01/15/2017      Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh        "Why God Hated Esau"
07/22/2017      Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh         "Blessings in Obeying God's Words"
02/05/2017      Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh         "The Rapture of the Church"
02/12/2017      Rev. Daniel Akpanumoh         "The Power of Positive Prayer"